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G.K.S - Holland



Nice of you to visit our website!


Speaking of websites...




The World-Wide-Web is an indispensable part of our present existence.

We make grateful use of it every day in our daily lives.

With a search function as a tool we end up on websites that provide information.

Life questions such as:


                # Who am I?

                # Where do I come from?

                # Where am I going?

                # Where am I?


are inward-looking questions and play an important role in our lives!

Who knows? You might have thought about these questions too.


This website serves as an invitation to our activities in the Sai Temple and in the Life School located in Onderdijk, Holland.


We do not promise a high speed line to 'Enlightenment'; but we do strive for the enlightenment of your life path by simply getting on the road with each other and becoming proficient in the art of living.



Bas (Kannaiah) and Carla

Visit Us

Rudrabishekam: every Monday at 19.30

Bhajan: every second Sunday of the month at 10.30

Shirdi statue aarthi: Thursday early morning

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